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We have forums?

Yeah just what everyone wants, another website to hit, another phpBB forum to overrun with spam bots and everyone to not pay attention to. Oh well, to hell with it, we’ll run one anyways. You will have to register, and I’ll have to approve the account first, but if you are a homebrewer here in the Okanagan, we’d love to hear from you 🙂


Welcome to OkBrewers!

Hey all, welcome to the OkBrewer’s website. We are a group of home brewers centered in the sunny Okanagan (Kelowna, BC). Currently our primary method of communication is through our Facebook page OKBrewers though we may expand that to include forums and such at some point.

We try to get together monthly for some beer tastings, and are otherwise a pretty friendly bunch 🙂 We are always looking to meet new people that share our passion for brewing beer.